Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Malawi's most confused politician

BAKILI MULUZI is currently rated as Malawi's most confused politician. On three occasions, he tried to rape the Malawi Constitution but failed miserably.
He failed in 2002, he failed again in 2003 and the latest one he failed this year. Muluzi who claims to be a 'political engineer' has met his match and got engineered himself.
For the first time in 15 years, the opposition UDF party of Muluzi will not feature a presidential candidate because of Muluzi's selfishness and hunger for power.
Bakili Muluzi has since loaned the UDF party to fellow opposition party, the MCP.
It is not known how much money he has got from this loan.
Otherwise poor Bakili Muluzi keeps on giving out hand-outs to people thinking that's what Malawians want. No! Bakili, people want development (chitukuko) and not hand-outs.


  1. akadangosunga tindalama tatsalato mwina nkudzaona pogwira masiku amtsogolo.Very confused indeed!

  2. Wagwa nayo...wagwa nayooo ameneyo......!!

    DPP woyeeeeee!!A Bingu woyeeeeeee!!!