Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malawi's budget adopted

By Lucy Liponda

The Malawi National Assembly currently meeting in the capital, Lilongwe on Monday adopted the 2009/10 financial budget.

The adoption is only a few steps away from having the financial document approved before government to starts spending from the national coffers.

This Tuesday, Finance Minister Ken Kandodo is expected to table two bills which if passed are going to signify the approval of the budget.

The minister is expected to table the Appropriation Bill and Taxation Bill both of which are related to this year’s financial budget.

On Monday, the Malawi Parliament passed all the 55 votes in the national budget without any amendments.

The passing of the remaining 9 votes completed a process that is called, committee of supply, in which legislatures discuss financial allocations to government ministries, departments and subvented organisations.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi Digest on Monday soon after Parliament adopted the 2009/2010 budget, Finance Minister Ken Kandodo said that he was impressed in the way the House handled this year’s financial budget.

“Unlike in the past, both sides of the House discussed the national budget in a more mature and responsible manner and passed all the votes without any amendments. This is good for the country,” he said.

Political analysts and international observers have hailed the Malawi National Assembly for rising above partisan politics to discuss the country’s financial matters with sober minds.

Previously, the country’s National Budget approval was being derailed by the opposition dominated house on instructions from opposition leaders, Bakili Muluzi and his counterpart, John Tembo

However, that is no longer the case because government has the numbers following the May 19th landslide victory by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and His Excellency the State President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika – Malawi Digest.


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  4. Don't you think Mr Mwanamveka has to defend himsels against these allegations? What business has Malawi Digest got defnding an existing individual with full access to media and Malawi's justice system? You surely are falling in the same pit as Nyasa Times