Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Newly weds cautioned

By Emmanuel Sobilika

The Malawi’s National Road Safety Council (NRSC) has warned wedding celebrants to enjoy their auspicious moments is a more responsible manner to avoid causing road accidents in Malawi.

This was disclosed by NRSC acting Chief Executive Officer Charles Thupi in an interview with Malawi Digest.

Speaking to Malawi Digest in Malawi’s administrative capital, Lilongwe, Thupi said that the NRSC had learnt with sadness that wedding celebrants in Malawi especially those in urban centres were making long convoys which were disturbing other road users.

“To make matters worse, we have noted that some vehicles on these wedding convoys drive in a winding way. This is more dangerous as this may lead to serious road accidents,” said Thupi.

According to the acting CEO, it is against the laws of Malawi to be making long convoys that take both sides of the roads.

“This is an offence punishable by law as it is only the State President, the Vice President and other specified high ranking officials that are allowed to have such convoys,” he said.

Thupi appealed to people having wedding celebrations on the roads to do this in a very responsible manner to avoid causing road accidents.

In recent months, some wedding processions especially in the main urban centres of Malawi have been seen holding traffic because some drivers opt to cover both sides of the road and others spending times circulating on the round-abouts as video for the newly weds is being shot – Malawi Digest.

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