Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nyasatimes stop lies!!!

We have been forced to write in response to some unfounded allegations by the online opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) propaganda tool, the Nyasatimes.

For the past few weeks now, Nyasatimes, which is very close to opposition UDF chairman and former president of Malawi Bakili Muluzi has been waging war against one, Mr Joseph Mwanamvekha, Chief Executive of one of the leading commercial banks, the Malawi Savings Bank.

Whilst we appreciate that Nyasatimes have got the freedom to write and publish whatever they want and feel, we would like to call upon the publishers of this online publication to exercise some kind of professionalism in their work.

In the articles that they have been writing against Mr Joseph Mwanamvekha, Nyasatimes has been attacking the personality of the above stated individual including targeting the tribe to which Mr Mwanamvekha belongs, the Lhomwe.

The issue of attacking the Lhomwe tribe is the more reason why we have been forced to comment on this matter as to why Nyasatimes thinks tribe has got anything to do with the professionalism of any individual including Mr Mwanamvekha.

It must be mentioned here that Nyasatimes is published by among others two Malawians from a specific tribe that we do not want to mention here.

It is our hope that these two people and others working behind the scenes have no hidden motives against the Lhomwe tribe in Malawi.

Malawians are peace loving people who have for many years lived in harmony and brought even closer through intermarriages.

We now start wondering why these two individuals and their masters are wagging wars against the Lhomwe people in Malawi.

We call upon all Malawians to condemn the behavior of the publishers of Nyasatimes, who are trying to bring hatred amongst Malawians.

Let us also remind Nyasatimes that times have changed and the administration of His Excellency the State President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika looks at qualifications, performance and professionalism of individuals before any job is offered.

Unlike in the previous days where Wakumangwetu was the order of the day, times have now changed and jobs under Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika are being given out on merit.

Let us also warn and offer a piece of advice to these two individuals that attacking personalities of public figures and fabricating stories to tarnish peoples images will not help them but only put-off readers from their website.

Let them also be aware that Malawians know, what type of individuals and personalities the publishers of Nyasatimes are and if they continue fabricating stories against these noble sons and daughters of Malawi like Mr Mwanamvekha, people may be forced to open and release their can of worms.

We are even angered more with the fact that in their fabricated stories, Nyasatimes are also stealing photographs from the Malawi Digest website in order to spice up their lies. The stolen photographs are not acknowledged which is a very serious and unprofessional conduct. You mean you can’t afford a mare picture Nyasatimes? Please stop this for once if you want to earn readers’ respect.

We call upon Nyasatimes to realize that they are Malawians first and no Malawian in this day and age talks about tribes.

We are aware that Nyasatimes may be pursuing the agenda of failed presidential candidate Bakili Muluzi.

From the word go, Bakili Muluzi told the Weekend Nation that he hates the formation of Mulhako Wa Alhomwe, an organization that Mr Joseph Mwanamvekha chairs.

We are therefore not surprised that Nyasatimes is busy attacking Lhomwes in their fabrications.

However, Nyasatimes be reminded that those that were cheating you that they would take government come May 19th failed miserably in the polls.

Why do you still want to be dancing to the tune of Bakili Muluzi and John Tembo?

Failed leader Bakili Muluzi and John Tembo are finished for ever and will not bounce back in Malawian politics.

Why allow yourselves to be used by a man who even failed to stand for a third term of office in the May polls?

Come on Nyasatimes, you can do better. Give Mr Mwanamvekha a break and let his family enjoy their peace.

Remember that people are used to you Nyasatimes in publishing fabricated stories.

Just to mention a few, do you remember the fake cabinet list you released in June? Is it the same cabinet that came out? Do you remember the lies about the health of His Excellency the State President to which you later apologized? Do you remember the lies about who was chosen as DPP running mate? Was she eventually the one you published?

All were lies, lies and lies and that is Nyasatimes for you.

We are happy that times have changed and that even young democrats can have online publications, that’s the goodness of democracy – Malawi Digest.


  1. Malawi Digest, give us better stories on Malawi. Don't waste your time on Nyasatimes. Nanga a Tom Chiumia ndi anthu oti kuwadandaula.

    welcome back a Ngwazi Bingu! tinakusowani ku Malawi!

  2. Koma ndiye a online publications mupwetekana chaka chino. Nyasatimes kukhazikidwa pansi chonchi? ha! ha! ha! ana a Nyasa amachulutsanso bodza.

  3. Tiuzeni zoona a Digest, kodi a Mwanamvekha akhaladi Reserve Governor kapena ayi, what matters are his qualifications and his capabilities thats all.

  4. We Lomwes are very happy with Mulhako wa Alhomwe. Some of us now know more about our culture because people are now showing more interest in talking about our culture so nyasatimes should stop the nosense of attacking the Lomwes. Mwanamvekha has done a good job of heading this association and he should not be discouraged by useless people like the chiumias. they have nothing to do because they lost May 19 elections.

  5. Mulhako wa Alhomwe is power! Long live Bingu.

  6. But lies and cheating are not new to Thom Chiumia. I remember Thom Chiumia and his colleagues were fined K450,000 Victor Mbewe when he was Stanbic Managing Director. Their newspaper "The New Sun" was found guilty of defaming Mr Mbewe that he was going out with the then Public Relations Officer, Mrs Margaret Mlombwa (nee Kubwalo). Thom Chiumia's newspaper was in Blantyre but the physical address was in Balaka. Funny not so?

  7. I am particularly concerned with the fact that every mistake, whether real or imaginary, that Mutharika commits translates into the vilirification of the Lhomwe tribe by Nyasa Times. I have no problem if Nyasa Times criticize governance problems in Mutharika's administration because Bingu can take note of that and change accordingly. But insulting and inciting hatred against the Lhomwe does not help them because the Lhomwes can not change their tribe its an identity. I think the leadership of this country should look at this issue carefully before we Nyasa Times plant bitter seeds into people's minds. I felt bad when a colleague narrated to me how he feels when he reads articles on Nyasa Times which insults Lhomwes because he is one. He wondered why he a lhomwe should be insulted when Bingu appoints Mwanamveka as Governor. He proposes that instead of insulting a tribe, Nyasa Times should take Bingu to task for decisions he make rather than denigrate the Lhomwes. He told me that he is becoming more furious and angry with Nyasa comments on Mlakho wa Alhomwe each passing day when there are many such organisations like the Mzimba Heritage, the Chewa organisation which organizes Kulamba in Zambia, and Bungwe la Angoni aku Ntcheu. I agree, Nyasa Times should not pick the Lhomwes for short-lived scores, Mutharika will leave the presidency but the scars on the minds of the Lhomwes will remain.

  8. I know Joseph personally and while I agree that Nyasatimes exagerrated the stories with heresay, I dare say what they reported is just a tip of the iceberg. Nanunso a Malawi Digest, you will throw away your credibility (assuming you have any) by refuting what everybody knows in town ... ndangodutsamo

  9. I know Joseph personally and while I agree that Nyasatimes exagerrated the stories with heresay, I dare say what they reported is just a tip of the iceberg. Nanunso a Malawi Digest, you will throw away your credibility (assuming you have any) by refuting what everybody knows in town ... ndangodutsamo

  10. koma zikuonjeza,pena paliponse kuona wotsogolera akungokhal wa mtundu womwewo.Chifukwa chiyani zikuchitika nthawi ino yokha? Mitundu in ndi yosaphunzira, kapena palibe wodziwa ntchito?