Thursday, July 30, 2009

Former MSB deputy not saint

Clara Chimbayo, the woman who has three children from three different fathers but claims to be a born-again. Currently dating a Sri Lankan, a Nigerian and a Malawian based in Lilongwe.

By Lucy Liponda

Former deputy Chief Executive Officer of one of Malawi’s leading commercial banks, the Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) Clara Chimbayo is reported to be a sheep in goat’s skin and not a saint and victim of sexual harassment as she has been claiming, Malawi Digest can reveal.

Clara Chimbayo has been feeding information to the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) online propaganda tool, Nyasatimes to damage the reputation of her former boss, Chief Executive Officer Joseph Mwanamvekha.

In a series of articles published by the Bakili Muluzi favoured Nyasatimes, Chimbayo alleges that she was a victim of sexual harassment when she was working under Mwanamvekha.

Nyasatimes, has also gone further to attack the personally and ethnicity of the MSB Chief Executive Officer alleging his is excelling in his job because he is a Lhomwe by tribe.

Interestingly, two of the publishers of Nyasatimes and the alleged sexual victim Clara Chimbayo belong to the same tribe. It is not known if this is by mere coincidence or by design.

Analysts have concluded that the trio has embarked on a programme to be attacking Lhomwe tribe in Malawi including Mr Mwanamvekha as a result of their frustrations because their pay master Bakili Muluzi failed to take part and win the 2009 Presidential polls.

This trio of fabricators is being coached by another frustrated senior UDF party official who resides in Blantyre but also belongs to the same tribe like the trio.

Investigations by Malawi Digest on the alleged victim, Clara N. Chimbayo indicate that she is a worse sex maniac who has no stable family at all.

A source who worked with her at MSB for 3 years says that Chimbayo has no moral ground at all to be claiming she has been a victim of sexual harassment.

According to our source who worked in the same Internal Audit Department with her at MSB, Chimbayo has lust for men such that at one point she had three relationships with men of different nationalities.

“She was dating a top personality in a semi-government organisation in Lilongwe, a Nigerian national and another man of Sri Lankan origin,” said our source who also shared a hostel with Chimbayo in college at the University of Malawi’s Polytechnic in 1992.

The woman whose name we cannot publish for obvious reasons said that Clara Chimbayo has three children from different fathers.

“The dad to the first born was a Chimbayo who died a long time ago and after that Clara has had an escapade from one man to another resulting in the birth of two other fatherless children,” she said.

The source wondered how a woman who has three children from different fathers claim to be a victim of sexual harassment. Our source said says as a matter of cover, the three children continue to use the name of Chimbayo as their father.

“How can she be trusted and believed like this? Is this the way a born-again Christian behaves as she claims to be one?” she said.

Our source also alleged that Clara Chimbayo was promoted to her last position at MSB as Deputy Chief Executive Officer after selling her body to her former boss who preceded Mwanamvekha.

Our source who now works for National Bank said during the time Clara Chimbayo served as Head of the Internal Audit, Head of Finance and Company Secretary for MSB, she failed to produce any accounts or audit reports she claims to have impeccable record in accounting and auditing.

“Actually during her time as deputy MSB was going under and was nearly declared bankrupt until the time Mr Mwanamvekha joined MSB. Chimbayo is a complete failure and non-performer,” she said.

Malawi Digest has also spoken to a close relative of Chimbayo who expressed disappointment at the behaviour of his cousin saying their family is too embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with her because of her questionable character.

“In order to hide her snake behaviour, she continues to use the name of Mrs Chimbayo although the husband died along and we advised her against the use of his name,” said the relative who works for a local NGO is Blantyre.

The relative said that Chimbayo has not secured any job up until now and relies on selling her body to Malawians of Asian origin who were her corporate customers at MSB.

Our sources assured Malawi Digest that if Clara Chimbayo continues to fabricate stories to Nyasatimes they too will be keen to supply this online publication with more information on this woman.

According to information gathered by Malawi Digest Clara Chimbayo was forced out of MSB by the board of management due to poor performance. She is reported to have failed to cope in her top challenging position as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

As Nyasatimes is busy promoting hate and tribalism, Malawians are busy working together developing Malawi by living together in peace and harmony as sons and daughters of the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi-Malawi Digest.


  1. Malawians should know that under Mwanamvekha, MSB has been a star performer. MSB has opened branches in so many parts of the country thereby providing the much needed financial support to well deserving Malawians. Therefore, Clara Chimbayo should leave Mwanamvekha and MSB alone. She is a total failure.

  2. Mwanamvekha is a family man who loves his wife and his 2 children. he is a responsible father who ensures that 2 daughters are well taken care of as well as all other extended family members. His wife is a happily marrried woman so much so that the likes of Clara are just a total waste of our time as we have more important things to do. Bravo Mwanavekha.

  3. A Mwanamvekha mahule a Clara Chimbayowa tangowasiyani.

    Don't waste your precious time with them.

  4. Mpaka ana atatu ndi abambo osiyana siyana? Kunjaku mai Chimbayo kwaopsa.

    Take care, ndiye mukuti a Joseph amakufunani?

    I don't believe you coz I stayed in the same hostel with Jose at Chanco, he was not a womaniser as you claim. Sorry mwalemba mmadzi mayi.

  5. So 4 positive comments about MWANAMVEKHA and the this unbaised newspaper - pretty good, ah! The courts will decide!

  6. I have nothing to comment on this issue as I think it is personal. But I agree with Malawi Digest on one thing, the venomous hate that is spit out on Nyasa Times is just very dangerous. Every story ends with inciting all tribes against the Lhomwe and it is dangerous. The hate that started engulfing the Hutus in Rwanda was promoted by the media. Right now they are cheating people that Parliament has legalized the that 16 year old girls be married. They are not telling people the truth that in fact the minimum age when one can marry with the consent of parents has been increased from 15 to 16. Currently the constitution of Malawi Chapter IV section 22 subsection 7 provides that a girl can enter into marriage at the age of 15 years provided there is a consent from parents. But she can enter into marriage at the age of 18 without anybody’s consent. What Parliament has done is to increase that minimum age of consent from 15 to 16. The have done this so cholinga anthu amutukwane Peter Mutharika. Check the constitution here here

    Malawi Digest, I ask you to write true, fair and factual articles so that you become a force of true information and fair reportage, not the filthy propaganda that is on Nyasa Times. And please let me ask you to write your articles as regular as possible osakhala kusowa ziii mmene muanchitira pakatipa.

  7. Thanks alot for the above comment.

    Malawi Digest will try it's level best to do a professional job and regulary update it's side.

    Get the best from us and nice pictures. You may have noted that Nyasatimes continoues to steal pictures from our site which is very unprofessional.

    Thanks for the complements, you will get the best from us.

    Editor, Malawi Digest.

  8. Bwana Editor,

    Just 3 days ago I complained of the hate on Nyasa Times. Have you seen that they have today continued with their tribal attacks of the Lhomwe under the title "Lomwe becomes buzz word for Malawi’s employment, business". They are vigorously pushing a tribalistic agenda on to the public domain. And unsuspecting readers are being cheated into believing everything Nyasa Times says. You can read this from their comments. Even the comments of most readers on the issue of minimum age for marriage exposed extreme ignorance on issues by the readership. Could you really know the exact reason behind these attacks against the Lhomwe. Some of the people they cite as appointed by Bingu were in their posts before Bingu became president. People like Madam Anastazia Msosa were once in their present posts and were applauded for thier professionalism. Nampota was even confirmed by an opposition dominated Parliament, after the same parliament rejected Bingu's appointments of Nangwale from Mzimba and Tumalisya Ndovi from Mzimba as well. They have even done a very selective analysis to dupe people into believing that all the posts are held by the Lhomwe. Surprisingly all the people mentioned are professionals who are achievers in their field. Will we all watch a dangerous vice of tribal hatred by journalistic thugs who once terrorized people in Malawi and now fled to UK being planted while we do nothing. Thom Chiumia who is at the centre of all this is a known thug who beat up Emmie Chanika at COMESA Hall to please his master Late Dumbo Lemani. He together with Edgar Msowoya are pushing Malawi on a very dangerous path of tribal hatred. Surprisingly, the Lhomwe belt was the base of UDF together with Yaos. Kodi kapena aLhomwe apalamula posavotera UDF MPs this time around. Just wondering.

  9. Malawi Digest, NyasaTimes, you can all go to hell. Fuck you!! Mukununkha zedi. This kind of reporting and you say you are professionals? Machende anu, and Nyini zanu!! If you want to tarnish someones image, its better ou substantiate your claims with evidence. Agalu inuuu!!!!

  10. Too much hate propagandas going on. No one seems clean, koma bringing in issues of tribalism in everything is not on. Ask the Rwandese, wounds are still fresh, we dont want to go through the same.

  11. mwanamveka is dying of hiv coz of his penchant for unsusupecting young ladies.the msb is now burdened with having to fly him to rsa every now and then for check ups...u call that a responsible man!

  12. clara chimbayo can not be said to have leaked anything...these things are ibn the public domain...the court case in which the CDH girl sued mbwana mwanamveka for his zipper is reported in a book called the malawi labour law reports 2008 which can be bought from the courts in malawi...the whole case is reported in that book word for word!

  13. You Malawi digegst you got ALL your facts wrong on this lady!!

    You better be careful what you do coz, you will end up paying dearly for it.

    Plz, leave HER alone.

    All that you have said about her is rubish, rubish and rubish!!

    you better be ashemed of yourselves on you lack of ethical, and factual journelism.

    You MUST APPOLOGIZE to this lady and withdraw thia article forth with.

  14. For a lady, Clara chimbayo waonjeza.

    What's her real problem hoping from one married man to the other?

    She needs deliverance.

  15. Ineso mkazi ameneyi ndifuna nditazanyenga nawo abale!!!Kodi siyemweuja wa nthawi ija ameneyi. Ife tikusowa anthu ngati inu mayi kapena Mzamo.

    Thandizani wanthu chemwali, ndizomwe munabwelela padziko pano.

  16. A Clara. Tiziti inu mumakoma kwambili?Mikanda yanuyo mufuna muwonese anthu angati?Anthu asamakunamizeni!chemwali inu sindinu wowonekabwino!

  17. mananveka my ass. clara chimbayo is one and the only. pipo shud get used to pipo like clara being in charge. when is malawi gonna open their eyes and see that it's not men only who are suppose to be in charge? malawi savings bank could have not been there without chimbayo. she made msb to be what it is today and i can sy that again and again. pipo who know her wil bak her ten thousand times. she's a hard working woman and tolking about her kids it's just a shame. find out what the kids sarnames are before u even open your mouths. shame on pipo like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.