Friday, July 24, 2009

MBC & TVM funded

By Lucy Liponda

Two of Malawi’s state owned public broadcasters, Malawi Television (TVM) and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) on Thursday breathed a sigh of relief when the Malawi National Assembly approved their annual financial allocation after two years of dry coffers.

The two organisations were denied funding by the then opposition dominated parliament in the 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 budget sessions.

The opposition Members of Parliament got instructions from former president Bakili Muluzi and the then Leader of Opposition, John Tembo to deny the two national broadcasters their annual allocations on what they two failed leaders claimed was biased reporting.

The decision by Muluzi and Tembo to deny TVM and MBC funding resulted in the suffering of hundreds of families and members of staff for the two organisations.

Unlike in the past when the opposition abused their huge numbers in Parliament, the case was different on Thursday when Finance Minister Ken Kandodo rose to request the House to approve Vote 275- Subvented Organisation to which both TVM and MBC belong.

Opposition MP for Salima North Kaphamtengo Yona surprised the House when he asked for an increase in the allocations given to the two organisations.

However, this was turned down by Finance Minister Ken Kandodo who said that the funding was adequate for both TVM and MBC saying the two organisations had commercial departments to beef up their revenue.

The total amount of money allocated for all subvented organisations was MK12, 292, 141, 672 from where MBC got MK300 million and TVM MK120 million – Malawi Digest.

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