Monday, January 11, 2010

Tough Flames punishes Algeria in 2010 CAN

Flames players celebrate one of their three goals against Algeria. Pic by Rebecca Blackwell-Associated Press.

Malawi making their first Cup appearance for 26 years and only their second overall, stunned England's World Cup group opponents Algeria 3-0 in their opening Group A match.

Russel Mwafulirwa gave the outsiders a 17th-minute lead when he took advantage of slapstick defending and Elvis Kafoteka headed a second before the break in a near-deserted November 11 Stadium.

Davi Banda scored early in the second half to complete Malawi's first ever win at the tournament and send them top of Group A, ahead of the hosts Angola and Mali whose tournament opener ended in a 4-4 draw yesterday.

Malawi, who took one point from three games on their debut appearance in 1984 when their results included a 3-0 defeat by Algeria, were not expected to do much better this time around with an apparently lightweight squad.

But with nine Europe-based players in their starting line-up and the game kicking off in mid-afternoon, Algeria struggled in the stifling heat and made life even more difficult for themselves by gifting Malawi the opener.

The goalkeeper, Faouzi Chaouchi, and the Rangers defender Madjid Bougherra collided as they tried to clear a pass that was played into the Algeria penalty box and the ball ran to Mwafulirwa who put the ball into an empty net.

Algeria's best chance came shortly afterwards when Rafik Saifi broke clear of the offside trap but lobbed the ball over the bar. Malawi increased their lead in the 36th minute when Moses Chavula crossed from the left and Kafoteka headed home.

Three minutes after the break, the dangerous Mwafulirwa drilled a shot against the post but the Algeria defence failed to clear and the ball fell to Banda who scored with a low shot-The Guardian (UK).


  1. Those are Ngwazi boys what else did you expect? A WIN was surely deserved.

    Well done BOYS and congratulations a Ngwazi..Viva Flames!! Viva Malawi!! Viva a Ngwazi!!

  2. ngwazi hates pipo from the north, lets remove all tumbukas from the squad including kinnah he is a northener and see what happens,ngwazi has nothing to do with this victory,God will made the flames win this cup

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  6. akamuna, How can you be that racist and in the end you say you believe in God? God is not a racist. If you want people to trust what you are saying that God will help Malawi to win, eliminate you racist comments because they are divisive and they show your double standards. Go away with your 'WAKWITHU' mentality. Get civilized. We are all Malawians.The team is made of Malawians not a certain selfish northerner.

  7. who is a racist? I have not commented anything concerning race.go and check in the Dictionary the meaning and refer to my comment,