Monday, January 25, 2010

Another UDF MP in the spotlight for fake MSCE

Mbaya, his future as Member of Parliament now hangs in balance. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Maxwell Ng’ambi

When the Malawi National Assembly starts meeting in the administrative capital, Lilongwe tomorrow, Tuesday, the Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda is expected to act on a petition from some constituents of Mangochi East who are asking him to grant authority to the Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) to investigate their Member of Parliament (MP) Abubakar Mbaya over allegations that he has been contesting as MP using his brother’s Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE).

In an e-mail response to a Weekend Nation questionnaire, National Assembly spokesman Ian Mwenye said: “The office of the Speaker will act on the petition and issues that have been raised as per procedures and practices that are followed when handling petitions.”

The people claim their research shows that the MSCE with examination number 112/082, which Mbaya allegedly presented to the Electoral Commission in 1994, belongs to Anaki Wisiki Mbaya who is the MP’s brother.

In the letter dated January 4, 2010, the petitioners whose names and signatures are about one thousand, say they have written Chimunthu-Banda because Maneb executive director is on record that he can only act on authority from the Speaker.

The people of Mangochi East, do hereby petition your office to investigate Hon. Abubakar Mbaya for obtaining a post as Member of Parliament of Mangochi East constituency during the 1994, 1999 and 2004 general elections with false pretence,” reads the petition which was received and duly signed for by the Speaker’s secretary Grace Mpagaja on January 5, 2010.

The petitioners, from Traditional Authority (T/A) Katuli, say that Mbaya has served in that capacity after presenting false information about his person at the District Commissioners office that he does not have both Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and Junior Certificate (JC).

In November last year the constituents, in the letter to Maneb, alleged that Mbaya has never uttered a word since entering Parliament 15 years ago.

The constituents calling themselves ‘People of Mangochi East constituency’ asked Maneb to verify Mbaya’s MSCE because they are suspicious of its authenticity.

But Mbaya last week hit back, arguing the petitioners are being sponsored by people he competed against in the May 19 elections but lost.

“Malawi is a democratic country and if indeed I was a non performer they could have voted me out. This is my fourth time to be MP in Mangochi East constituency. Can a non performer with four times?” wondered Mbaya.

Mbaya said he is ready to be investigated, saying he has committed no crime.

On concerns that he does not contribute to debate in Parliament, Mbaya said the Hansards will show his record.

Mbaya’s brother Anaki accused accused the MP’s political opponents of ‘causing the trouble’.

“If he used my certificate, he should have been known as Anaki and not Abubakar. It is not true that my brother used my certificate,” Anaki said.

Maneb executive director Mathews Matemba confirmed receiving the letter from ‘the People of Mangochi East constituency’, requesting his office to investigate Mbaya over an MSCE.

In the earlier petition, the constituents claimed the MP does not present their development needs in Parliament because he is not educated to MSCE level as he claimed in 1994.

In May 2009 elections Mbaya got 10291 votes out of 20275 who voted in the constituency.

He beat five of his competitors with Paison Omar Kaisi on second position getting 3,265 votes.

Former opposition UDF Balaka North MP Lucious Banda was convicted in 2006 for presenting a fake MSCE to a person employed in public service-Weekend Nation.


  1. I am not surprised that Mbaya has a fake certificate coz yaos pride themselves in not going to school. Shame

  2. Speaker must act quickly on this. Some of us sweated for our qualifications.

  3. why is it that you always check the certificate when one is already been given a seat i thought you must check before then

  4. This means there is a serious flaw our system. This has to been systematically checked and delt with long before the election. How does our system work that we wait for someone to contest and win and then arrest him for using a fake certificate? And like the silly Lucius Banda if he had not moved that stupid motion attempting to impeach the Incumbent, he wouldn't have been investigated and consequently removed from Parliament and imprisonment. I think this is not the people's fault but our system is the one at fault. On the other hand, is it only the opposition MPs with fake Certificates especially the UDF? Chipani chija ndichambulidi eti? If the president has only JC (the former) what do you expect of the MPs? Tiyeni naye kudnendenso naye. And Lucius uja mulandu wakenso sunathe ayi abwererenso kuti adzikacheza.

  5. This not true u can not say only the opposition mp`s especially udf have feck certificates ayawonso nafe tinaphunzila kuposanso enanu mumaziti ndinu ophunzilanu.

  6. sibwino kuti tidzifufuza anthu poyanganila zipani kapena kuti ali mbali yotsutsa tiyeni tifufuze aliyense amene akukaikitsa mbomamu posaona nkhope, ntundu, kapena chipani chimene ali.Pali anthu ambili amene sakuyenela kukhala mumaudindo amene is for the good of the country.

  7. DPP news,DPP at its best i cant read this news ant more coz there are politicians imean its the DPP news paper so there is no professionalism here and for som of us who are staying if we follow this news paper we will have bad impression about Malawi.So foi

    Nyopex from Belin-Germany.