Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sarkozy praises Africa, condemns Europe

By Adack Pafupi in Nice, France

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy has asked developed countries and organisations to honour commitments which they make during international conferences.

The French leader has also asked business people who are working on the sidelines of the 25th France and Africa Summit to produce practical results, otherwise international conferences will lose all their credibility.

Sarkozy, made the appeals when he officially opened the 25th France and Africa Summit in Nice city in France on Monday.

Opening the summit, Sarkozy said he was worried that developed countries and organisations are not fast at honouring their pledges to African countries.

“I’m talking about honouring pledges to African countries made at international conferences like the Copenhagen. These need to be fully honoured otherwise international conferences will lose all their credibility,” he said.

He said it was this reason that his country decided to organise a meeting of business people to run alongside the summit.

“The fact that we decided to have business people meet here as well was not of course by coincidence. These business people did not wait for us to start working together but we are expecting them to produce practical results for this summit to endorse,” said the host leader.

The French President said that the France-Africa Summit is important because the two parties have a special relation in that they have things which they need to achieve together and that these can be discussed at these meetings.

“I am convicted that it is no longer possible to deal with major world issues without involving Africa,” he said, adding, “the failure of Africa would be a tragedy for Europe.”

The French President said that he wants a new France – Africa relation to have no complexes.

He also discouraged the cases of having big countries on one side and smaller ones on the other.

Sarkoy encouraged a relationship of trust where all issues should be open for discussion with interests to defend and views to put across, based on equal and forward looking relationship.

He also said that if European countries call themselves friends of Africa, they must be ready to give Africa a role in global governance.

“There can be no double speak, there can be no hypocrisy. We cannot say that we need to closely involve Africa in major issues affecting peace, security and a balanced world but then do nothing about it,” he stressed.

The French president said that the African continent should take it rightful place in bodies dealing with such issues which he said is not the case today.

President Sarkozy said that the United Nations Security Council has to be reformed because it is not right that Africa is not a permanent member of the Security Council.

“We can no longer manage the 21st century world with 20th century institutions,” he said.

He also praised the African Union because he said outside interventions on the African continent have nearly come to an end.

“I would like to pay tribute to the role played by the African Union (AU), represented here by its Chairperson and Chairperson of its Commission, whom I commend greatly,” he said.

Malawi President and AU chairperson Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika is attending the summit which is expected to end this Tuesday afternoon.

After the summit, the two leaders are expected to host a join press conference-Malawi News Agency.

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  1. Why do you say hes has condemned Europe is he not European himself?Africa has let down herself and Europeans and others have taken advantage of that.