Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malawi on right path-Minister of Justice

Malawi's Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Professor Peter Mutharika is reported to be growing in popularity each day passing. Pic by Malawi Digest.

By Emmanuel Muwamba

Malawi’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Professor Peter Mutharika has said the country has to move on the path of human rights, law and democracy.

Mutharika said this on Friday at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College in the former colonial capital of Zomba when he delivered a lecture on the role of the Ministry of Justice.

He said it is the duty of his ministry to advise government on policy and the law, prepare bills before being presented to Cabinet and Parliament and defend the independence of the Judiciary.

Mutharika, however said the ministry does not have enough lawyers to effectively carry demanding tasks.

He disclosed that there are only 66 lawyers, which is inadequate considering the volume of work they have to handle.

“We don’t have enough resources to help everyone. We appeal to the legal profession to join us,” he said.

He said the ministry is also formulating a bill on the Wills and Inheritance.

“There will be no more property grabbing in Malawi,” he said.

Professor Mutharika’s address at Chancellor College marked the launch of public debates by the country’s state owned, Malawi Television (TVM).

According to the station’s Public Relations Officer Ruth Gama, the debates are aimed at allowing viewers and the public at large to interact with public figures in Malawi.

During the programme at Chancelor College which was beamed live on TVM and aired on the national broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation student’s from the university were allowed to ask questions relevant to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

The minister Professor Peter Mutharika, an internationally decorated lawyer and lecturer ably handled the questions in a moving way.

Each time the Professor articulated issues to do with the Law and his ministry, there was a round of applause from the students who swarmed the college’s famous Great Hall.

Professor Peter Mutharika, President Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika’s younger brother is reported to be growing stronger politically, each day passing.

He is reported to be one of Malawi’s most popular politician at the moment.

Apart from Professor Peter Mutharika, there Professor Matthews Chikaonda and Deputy Minister in the Office of President and Cabinet, Nicholus Dausi spoke at the event-The Nation/additional reporting by Malawi Digest.

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